Verizon Chief Administrative, Legal & Public Policy Officer Craig Silliman posted a notice for Verizon employees today regarding the company’s Covid policies. He said that beginning December 8, non-union Verizon employees in the U.S. must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated regardless of where they work or how often they come into a Verizon work location.

The only non-union employees excluded from these requirements are those designated as “home-based” within the Verizon Consumer Group and employees outside of the U.S.

“At the moment, this does not apply to our union-represented employees as we are in discussion with the unions,” said Silliman.

The company said any changes to its vaccine protocols for international employees will be communicated on a country-by-country basis.

The message to employees indicated that Verizon’s requirements are at least partly propelled by government actions, including a Biden executive order mandating Covid-19 vaccines for employees of federal contractors, like Verizon. That executive order extends to those who are working from home in functions connected to federal government work.

The deadlines to show proof of vaccines vary slightly based on which group employees work in.

Non-union U.S. employees, except retail and Verizon Consumer Group home-based employees, must prove they’re vaccinated by December 8. Others have a little bit more time. Contractors, vendors, visitors and new hires who enter Verizon’s U.S. facilities must show proof of vaccination starting January 1, 2022. Retail teams have until February 1, 2022.

Silliman said, “While we respect that within our workforce there are people with different beliefs and perspectives related to Covid-19 and the vaccine, we must comply with the government’s requirements, including those for federal contractors. Regardless of how you feel, remember we are all part of the same V Team, and let’s continue to show respect to each other.”

Verizon is actually late to the vaccine-requirement party compared to its competitors.

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