Fantastic and exactly what we really needed for regular punching workouts!!

Its being heavy 70 pounds item, found it to be so firm and a perfect design for so long lasting experience.

The PU material bag that is pre-filled is an apt material for the product type and we believe it will tolerate rough and tough crazy punches left and right and top to bottom.

It comes with hanging mount – ceiling bracket which is the one you need to figure out and then quickly take a bit to hook the heavy bag.

Also, the link chain is easily adjustable for almost any required heights so we do not have to run for extenders.

We found this to be a great nice bag for our home gym. With this added, now it looks full with the fact that boxing is one of the best workouts that really helps gain strength, burn several calories than some of the regular workouts that would have taken longer workout sessions otherwise.

This can be mounted to the ceiling in gym room or garage ceilings, or even to a sturdy steel provisioning if one has it..

Definitely a good option for the affordable value . This big bag meets needs of normal enthusiasts and serious boxers too.

70 Lbs is enough weight in our view for most people.

Highly recommend based on our own experience.

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