There’s a case to be made for the best grill being the one that you have in front of you. But if yours is due an upgrade, now is the time to do it — you can get the Kamado Joe Classic for just $480.

This particular Kamado grill would normally retail for around $800 but if you were to order today you’d save almost $321 and that’s the kind of saving that you can’t ignore. There are no hoops to jump through here, so ordering your new grill is a breeze. And if you think you might need something bigger or with different features our list of the best Kamado grills is the place to start your shopping. Otherwise, read on.

This Kamado Joe Classic comes with a premium 18-inch ceramic grill as well as a cart with locking wheels so you won’t find yourself chasing your food around the yard. It also includes a flexible cooking system with a multi-level, half-moon design that’s perfect for cooking different kinds of food a the same time.

Other notable features include the included ash tool and grill gripper, while a built-in thermometer and stainless steel cooking grates are also nice-to-haves. A cast iron top vent also ensures that this grill is a great option for smoking from 225F all the way to searing at 750 Fahrenheit.

Note that we don’t yet know when this deal is going to end which means that it might happen at any moment. We’d suggest that you consider getting your order in now if you want to add this to your yard setup. It even looks nice with that gorgeous red finish and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood thanks to your new grill.

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