Resin 3D printing is a little trickier than standard FDM printing but offers many benefits. The details you can get from resin let you print incredibly fine details on tiny models, and it still looks amazing. I use mine to print Dungeons & Dragons miniatures and detailed props for cosplay. Anycubic has its Anycubic Mono 6K resin printer on a flash sale for just $359, a $330 saving, making it an absolute bargain.

The Mono X 6K uses a high-resolution screen, which can print such small layers that it practically removes all layer lines. This makes each model look like an injection-molded product; they’re that smooth. Normally for this price, you’d expect the print area to be around 140 by 90mm, which is pretty small. The Mono X 6K is a midsized resin printer, so it offers a build area of 245 by 197mm, a significant jump.

That’s what makes this sale such a good deal. You’re getting a significant bump in print volume for the same price. This allows you to print a lot of miniatures as easily as printing one. Because resin printing takes the same time to print one layer, regardless of how many models are in, you can pack the build area for maximum use. That makes it perfect for creating many small objects fast, which is great if you own a small business.

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