Black Friday 2022 deals aren’t limited to TVs and laptops, you can pick up good savings on health-tracking smart wearables too. Oura’s Gen 3 Ring is a subtle smart wearable that’s small enough to wear on your finger, and right now you have a chance to pick one up on sale. Oura is offering $50 off select colors of the Gen 3 Ring, dropping the price down to $399 for the stealth variant, and $449 for the gold variant. This deal is available from now until Nov. 28, so get your order in before then if you’re hoping to take advantage of these savings.

Smart wearables like Fitbits or the Apple Watch have gotten more popular and more advanced over the years. And that means bulky watches aren’t the only options out there at the moment. 

The Gen 3 Ring might look like a simple piece of jewelry while you’re wearing it, but one glimpse at the inside loop lets you know that this is a seriously advanced piece of tech. It’s equipped with multiple sensors and provides detailed health data and metrics, including your heart rate, stress levels, body temperatures, sleep patterns and much more. It generates a daily readiness score based on your activity that lets you know when you should be heading to the gym or taking a rest day. And thanks to its impressive seven-day battery life and fast charging capabilities, you almost never have to take it off so you’re getting a consistent stream of data. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you don’t even have to worry about wearing it in the pool or shower.

In his review after wearing the Oura Ring 3 for six months, CNET’s Scott Stein said, “I love the daily sleep and wellness scanning of Oura’s ring, because it’s exactly the type of analysis that’s missing from the Apple Watch.” And not that more evidence of this thing being awesome is needed, but our own Lisa Eadicicco compared Oura’s results to the sleep tracking features on an Apple Watch and captured a ton of great data.

If you prefer a more traditional smartwatch or fitness tracker, you can check out our roundups of all the best Fitbit and Apple Watch deals as well. 

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