You’re probably pretty familiar with Microsoft’s Office suite of apps and you may have used them at work or school, but getting set up with them on your own personal machine can be pretty costly. While there is a barebones free version, gaining access to the fully-featured apps requires either a hefty one-time fee or a monthly subscription. But with StackSocial’s latest deal, you can nab a lifetime license for Microsoft Office 2021 for just $30 and get a training course bundled in at no extra cost so you can make the most of the apps.

We’ve seen a few deals for Office crop up at StackSocial in the past, sometimes offered alone for Windows or Mac, or bundled with Windows 11 Pro, but $30 is about as low as we tend to see it go. Even if you don’t want the extra training included, you’re not paying over the odds for this bundle. The only downside is that this Office license is only compatible with Windows.

Like those previous deals, the same caveats apply here. The Office license provided is valid for one computer, so you can’t install the apps across various machines in your home. And if that computer stops working or you upgrade to something else, you could run into a snag when trying to transfer it. For that reason, it’s best to see the “lifetime” part of the license as referring to the lifetime of your PC. But versions of Stack’s deal have been running for more than a year — the one we bought in early 2022, for instance, still works fine. 

This Office package also doesn’t include any OneDrive cloud storage, or include any of the newest features like the fancy new Microsoft Copilot AI. 

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