It’s no fun when you pick up your tablet, phone or headphones only to realize the battery has run flat. It’s even less fun to sit and wait for your device to power back up on a slow charger. With so many USB-C fast chargers available these days, there’s really no reason to put up with slow speeds anymore. If you want to upgrade your charging experience or just pick up a few spare wall bricks, you could do worse than Anker’s discounted PowerPort III USB-C PD chargers. At $16, this two-pack gets you a pair of 20-watt fast chargers that are compact and easy to toss in your travel bag or jacket pocket. 

If you have a modern phone, chances are it can take advantage of PD speeds for charging and the 20-watt output of these chargers is also great for juicing up bigger devices like tablets or portable game consoles in less time. The cube-style design complete with folding plug keeps the overall footprint small meaning you can pack a fast charger on your travels without having to carry around a bulky brick. 

Anker, of course, makes a whole array of charging gear including fancy Gallium Nitride and multi-port adapters that are especially good for devices that draw more power, but it’s hard to argue with the value of the basic USB-C chargers on sale today for $8 apiece. You won’t regret upgrading from the 5-watt brick that you have laying around from an old phone — just be sure you have the right USB-C or USB-C to Lightning cables to use with your new chargers.

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