Woot is giving you the chance to upgrade your Xbox gaming setup today only with $30 off the Elite Series 2 Core controller. Down to $100, this is the lowest we have seen Microsoft’s latest controller, though the deal expires tonight or when sold out. 

The Elite Series 2 Core controller, unveiled in September 2022, is essentially a more affordable, trimmed-down version of its namesake Elite Series 2. As you’d expect, the two offerings share a bunch of features, like adjustable-tension thumbsticks, shorter hair trigger locks, wrap-around rubberized grips and 40 hours of rechargeable battery life — all things that can help serious players up their performance and stay in the game for longer. 

The Core version, however, comes without the swappable paddles, thumbsticks and D-pad or the charging dock and protective case. If you decide you want all of those customization options down the line, they can be purchased separately in the Complete Component Pack, meaning you can get in the door for less with the Core model and spend the extra as you need it. Usually doing it that way would cost $10 more overall, but with the $30 you’d save today at Woot on the Core controller, it makes sense to nab the controller and components separately even if you’re already sure you’d want those added extras. 

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