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Many of us are investing in our own fitness equipment for personalized home gyms, and if you’re looking for something that can give you a full body workout, rowing machines are a great choice. Right now you can save $250 on the original Hydrow Rower when you use promo code APRIL250 at checkout. The Hydro Rower typically goes for $2,495 these days, which is admittedly expensive, but that price drops down to $2,245 with the discount, bringing that price down for those who really want a rowing machine for their home gym. This offer is available now through April 25. 

The Hydrow is our pick for the best luxury rowing machine you can buy, thanks to the smooth stride it offers and how easy it is to use. It also comes equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen and over 4,000 workouts, including rowing, yoga, strength and circuit training — though you will have to purchase an all-access membership, which costs $44 a month ($528 per year). But that price does allow you to make multiple profiles for anyone in the home. The machine itself is low-impact, and the company claims that just 20 minutes will use 86% of your major muscle groups. If you’ve been considering splurging on a high-quality rowing machine you can use whenever you want, this is a pretty good deal. 

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