Going to the bathroom shouldn’t be a pain. If you find yourself straining, you’re not alone. Using a Squatty Potty is one way you can ease the process, lifting you into a more natural position that straightens the colon so you can poop in peace. And Squatty Potty is offering 20% off sitewide now through Saturday, Jan. 21. So grab a seat and save — simply use promo code NEWYEAR20 at checkout. 

We just aren’t built to poop in a seated position, so using a Squatty Potty can shift us into a more natural squatting position that’s healthier for our bodies. If you’re ready to invest in one of these nifty stools, the 7-inch Original remains a favorite — and right now it’s down to just $20 (save $5). Or you can snag the Oslo Bamboo folding model for a more upscale aesthetic. Originally $45, the discount brings this piece to $32. 

And if you don’t have a standard toilet, there’s a 9-inch model designed for use with comfort height toilets. Additionally, if you can’t decide, you can snag the Adjustable 2.0. It includes a modification so you can use it at either the 7- or 9-inch height, allowing you to be prepared no matter what. And with the promo code applied, you can get it for just $24. If you prefer a more natural look, the Bamboo Flip (pictured above) is built to accommodate two sizes as well, and it’s available for just $8 more.

There are plenty of other options available as well, so you can fit one in with just about any decor. From kid-friendly options like this Spongebob stool for $12 to this sleek, black Eclipse edition that offers a motion activated night light for $24, there’s something for everyone in just about every budget. This luxury Slim Frosted Ghost model, with a minimalistic design, is down from $90 to $72 right now. There’s even a Travel Porta Squatty with a foldable design that’s slim and light enough to travel with. 

And if you spend $50 or more, you’ll get free shipping, making it worthwhile to snag a high-end design or nab two Squatty Potty stools, whether you want an extra one for overnight guests or to give as a gift. You can use the discount code on other products, too, including the company’s line of Pootanicals, with products that will leave the air in your bathroom fresh or turn regular toilet paper into a cooling wet wipe, as well as accessories like this dual-stream bidet, which you can nab for just $32 right now. Be sure to shop the entire sale selection at Squatty Potty before this New Year, New You deal ends.

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