Water might not be the most exciting thing to drink when there are things like coffee and Pepsi in the world (come at me, Coke fans) but it’s probably way better for you and we should all drink more of it. Amazon is making it easier to do that while making sure the water is as clean and clear as possible, thanks to a sale on these LifeStraw water filtration bottles and accessories.

The deals include water filters, filtered water bottles and more, and with discounts of up to 40% now might be the time to try and take up that water-drinking habit that you’ve been thinking about. Go on, your doctor (and your family) will thank you for it.

The biggest discount in terms of percentage is the LifeStraw Flex water filter and gravity bag. That would normally sell for around $55, but order today and you’ll save 40% and pay just $33. The LifeStraw Go is a more traditional filtered water bottle, while the LifeStraw Max is a different thing entirely. It’s a high-capacity water filter and purifier for the great outdoors and is now available with a 20% discount — yours for $520.

There are plenty more deals to be had and none of them require that you enter any discount codes or clip any on-screen coupons, so just choose the deal that best fits your needs and place that order. Whether it’s a bottle for hiking or a new filtered jug for your fridge, there’s a deal here for everyone and their different water needs.

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