LG is the place to be if you’re on the hunt for a new TV, fridge, monitor or just about anything else right now. The company is offering some huge discounts across its many and varied lineups this Labor Day, with deals running through Sept. 13.

At the time of writing, there are no fewer than 44 different discounts to be had, ranging from huge OLED TVs to cooking appliances and even something called a “Wi-Fi-enabled Steam Closet.” That definitely sounds interesting and you can save $700 on one, too. None of these deals require special work, thankfully, so there are no discount codes to remember to enter.

In terms of the biggest discount, that steam closet is near the top of the list, as is the LG S90QY High Res Soundbar. That has support for Dolby Atmos and Apple AirPlay 2 and is currently $600 off, so you pay just $600. That’s half price!

Looking to upgrade that old TV? The LG C2 83-inch OLED monster is the undoubted champion when it comes to discounts right now. It’d normally sell for $5,000 but ordering one right now means you save $1,000 and pay just $4000. The LG C2 is among the best OLED TVs we’ve tested, and picking one up at such a huge discount is a rare treat.

Remember that while there are no on-screen coupons or things to remember here, you do have that time limit to keep an eye on. These offers end Sept. 13, so you have only a few days left if you want to bag an LG bargain.

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