Coffee lovers the world over know that running out of that dark brown liquid is no fun. No fun at all. So when you get the chance to pick up a coffee maker that can keep up to 14 cups of the stuff warm at any one time, you don’t ask questions — you act. And now is the time to do just that with this Cuisinart 14-cup coffee maker, available at a special pre-Amazon Prime Day discount that you won’t want to miss.

While some coffee aficionados are extremely particular about how their cups are made, we think that the best coffee maker is the one that you have right in front of you, ready to rock and roll. And this one can definitely do that — and then some. And it’ll do it all for just $76, which is a huge discount on its normal $100 asking price.

So what are you getting for your money, apart from some lovely hot java? Well, that 14-cup carafe is not to be sniffed at and it makes this the perfect coffee-making machine for those with larger families or who just want to be able to keep topping up their cup.

Actually brewing the coffee can be as simple or as involved as you’d like, with options to control the brew strength ensuring all tastes are catered to. Need a steaming cup of coffee to be ready and waiting when you wake up? This coffee maker’s 24-hour timer function means you can set it and forget it — your coffee’s luxurious aroma will reach into every corner of your home when you need it and not a minute later.

Coffee fans who like to savor their cups can rest easy. This coffee maker will keep its carafe warm for up to four hours before automatically turning itself off to save on power — and that’s an important safety feature, too.

Keep in mind that this special price saves you 23% and might not stick around for long. Already missed out? Don’t worry, we have all the best coffee maker deals ready and waiting for you.

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