More and more of the bikes on the roads are electric bikes and as they get more popular it will be hard to choose the best electric bikes. I’ve been reviewing a lot of different e-bikes recently and two of my favorites have been made by Engwe. Recently the company announced its latest offering, the X26, and as an early-bird special you can get $100 off the retail price if you act now.

The X26 has some fantastic features if you’re looking for an e-bike that will get you where you need to go on the road, or on the dirt tracks. 

  • A three-part suspension system to keep your ride smooth no matter the surface.
  • A whopping 143 miles estimated range on pedal assist and 51 miles on the throttle.
  • Easily foldable so you can take it to the trails.
  • 31 mph top speed on the road.

When you add in the hydraulic disc brakes and the advanced LED bike computer, the X26 is a bike well worth your time. Right now, Engwe is offering $100 off as an early-bird discount, reducing the price from $2,000 to $1,900 and offering prizes for those who join its contest

E-bikes are the commuter transport of the future, and a bike like the X26 is exactly what you need to get you from A to B and beyond.

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