Feng shui is a concept that really resonates with me — I love keeping my environment clean and clutter-free. It promotes clear thinking and a good flow of energy, which is why I tidy up daily. Having a robot vacuum makes this so much easier since all you have to do is set it and forget it.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast-approaching, there are more deals than ever out there. That includes deals on robot vacuums and right now, Roborock is offering huge discounts on its products. Some of these have direct price drops on the page while others you’ll need to clip the on-page coupons to see the discount in your cart.

Choose between traditional robot vacuums, dual vacuums and mops and self-cleaning vacuums and mops. The Q5 and Q5 Plus models are only vacuums, but the rest have both capabilities.

If you prefer not to clean out your vacuum after each use, consider grabbing the Q5 Plus or the Q7 Max Plus. The first one is just $600 (and save $100) and the latter is $870 (save $650). Both have three hours of run time on a single charge and are great for hardwood floors and carpets.

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