Show your dog the appreciation they deserve. Get Diggs Treat Spread for 20% off today only when you use the code SUMMER. Diggs uses simple, high-quality ingredients, to ensure your pet is getting the best. The spread is great for putting in your dog’s treat toys and enrichment tools. This treat spread works perfectly with the Groov Training Aid, which is designed to help your dog transition to a crate lifestyle. Licking is proven to have a calming effect on dogs, and can help the even the most anxious of dogs chill out. This treat spread could even help with calming your pet this 4th of July. Give it a try!

Diggs Treat Spread is made in small batches with human-grade ingredients. And comes in 3 tasty flavors your dog is bound to love. Gold N Delicious is a yummy, apples and peanut butter flavored spread, packed with protein and potassium. If you’re hoping to focus on better nutrition in your dogs diet, try Thats My Jam. It features cranberries and blueberries, which are packed antioxidants. The Health Nut spread is loaded with vitamins as well. As it contains apples, spirulina, and parsley, making it a great source of vitamins, A, B, and C. This sale ends tonight, so be sure to grab one!

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