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L0-LA59, nicknamed Lola, made her debut into the Star Wars universe in the Disney Plus series Obi-Wan Kenobi this past spring. The adorable ladybug-like toy droid belongs to a young Princess Leia Organa in the show, but if you want to get your hands on your own L0-LA59, it’s currently on sale for the first time ever during Amazon Prime Day.

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The Star Wars L0-LA59 toy is available as an animatronic edition and a smaller interactive version.

The L0-LA59 animatronic edition features dozens of light, sound and movement combinations, which you can unlock by touching the sensor on L0-LA59’s head, in three different play modes. The toy droid opens and closes her mouth, tilts from side to side, and moves the panels on her head, while also responding to various background noises. The animatronic edition is usually priced at $90, but you can currently get it for $76 on Amazon.

The smaller L0-LA59 version is also interactive: You can press on Lola’s head to activate droid sounds and lights in her primary eye and mouth. You can also pose L0-LA59 by tilting her head, adjusting her top panels and opening and closing her mouth. The 5-inch interactive L0-LA59 is usually $39, but is currently on sale for $25 on Amazon.

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