PSVR 2 preorders went live last month with Sony rolling out an invite-only system, though anyone can now place a preorder direct at its site. We went hands-on with the PlayStation VR 2 earlier this fall and Sony has now also confirmed the launch date and price of its first major PS5 accessory. We’ve got all of the details below on how to be among the first to try put the PlayStation VR 2 at launch. 

How much does a PlayStation VR 2 cost? 

Sony’s PSVR 2 will retail for $550. The set will include the headset itself as well as two PSVR 2 Sense controllers. 

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Does the PlayStation VR 2 require a PS5?

Yes, you will need to own a PS5 in order to set up and use the PlayStation VR2 headset. The PSVR 2 isn’t a stand-alone, self-contained headset like Meta’s Quest 2 or Quest Pro: It has to be tethered to Sony’s latest-gen console. You can still place a PSVR 2 preorder without yet owning a PS5, however, and use our PS5 stock tracker to try nab one before the headset’s release in February. 

When does the PlayStation VR 2 launch?

The PSVR 2 launches on Feb. 22, 2023. Preorders are now open.

How to preorder a PlayStation VR 2

During its initial preorder phase, Sony’s next-gen headset could be reserved on an invite-only basis via PlayStation’s online store for those based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Now, however, the invite requirement has been dropped and anyone with a PlayStation account can place a PSVR 2 preorder. 

Those preordering the PSVR 2 post-invite system are still able to have it delivered in the initial launch window, meaning you should receive yours before the end of February 2023. 

We expect that on or shortly after the device’s February launch, third-party retailers in the countries listed above will be able to begin selling the PSVR 2. Thankfully, it looks like you won’t have quite as hard a time finding one as has been the case with the PS5 itself. 

We’ll update this guide with more ways to preorder a PlayStation VR 2 as they become available, as well as highlight any PSVR 2 deals and bundles once those start to crop up.

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