Looking for new ways to help you look and feel your best? HigherDose makes a variety of health and wellness tools designed to reduce stress, releave pain and rejuvenate your body, and right now, you can pick some up at a discount. When you use our exclusive promo code CNET20 at checkout, you can save 20% on a HigherDose sauna blanket, infrared PEMF mat and red light face mask, saving you up to $259. This offer is only available through April 21, so be sure to get your order in before then if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

HigherDose devices use infrared therapy to help boost circulation, promote muscle recovery, improve energy levels and more. If you need some help relaxing and recovering, you can pick up the infrared PEMF mat for $1,036, saving you $259 compared to the usual price. It pairs deep-penetrating infrared heat with a pulsed electromagnetic field for total-body relaxation, and it’s great for meditation and yoga. It also comes in a compact travel size that you can grab for $559, $140 off. 

If you want to lose weight and sweat out some toxins, you can pick up this infrared sauna blanket, which is also on sale for $559, saving you $140. There’s also a red light face mask which helps to reduce inflammation and give you glowing, rejuvenated skin. With our coupon code, you can snag one for $279, which is $70 off the usual price. 

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