If you used January to get into some healthy habits, or if your New Year’s resolution fell by the wayside already, the start of February is a great time to reassess or recommit yourself. Best Buy has launched a timely sale on the Withings Body Plus smart scale, offering 25% off its regular price today only, to help you continue on your wellness journey or get back on the horse if that’s what you need. Amazon is matching the $25 discount, too, for a price of $75 at both retailers. 

As well as giving you a weight reading, the Withings Body Plus can track your body mass index and full body composition, including body fat and water percentage, plus muscle and bone mass, among other things. Up to eight people can use the scale to track their body weight and other trends, with the scale being able to differentiate between people automatically. It even has a built-in baby mode that enables pregnant people to track the weight of the imminent new member of their family. 

The handsome Withings Body Plus nabbed a spot on our list of the best smart scales going into 2023, particularly in the realm of third-party app connectivity. It can sync its measurements with over 100 top fitness apps, including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, making it easy to integrate into your existing fitness system. 

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