The NBA is back. After a busy offseason that saw plenty of drama (particularly in Los Angeles, Boston, Brooklyn and Utah), professional basketball action is heading off of Twitter and back onto the hardwood. The 2022-23 regular season is an 82-game marathon starting in October and running through the holidays and Christmas Day games, the All-Star Game in February and concluding next spring, when the NBA playoffs begin their own mini-marathon that ends in June with the NBA Finals.

That’s a lot of awesome basketball, and all of it is streaming live. NBA fans looking to follow the drama and stream their team’s games throughout the year will need access to a few channels to catch every second of game time. In addition to your regular regional sports network, you’ll also need ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV for nationally televised contests. 

All out-of-market games will continue to air on NBA League Pass, which is a great choice if you follow a team in a different city from where you live. This year the service even got a price cut that brings the starting price for the full season (with the NBA TV channel included) down to $100. The NBA has also worked on revamping its NBA app for phones, tablets and TVs to stream games closer to real-time and cable feeds this year. 

It’s important to note that local fans aren’t able to watch their team play on League Pass, as broadcasts of these contests air exclusively on regional sports networks. National games are similarly blacked out.

While you absolutely don’t need cable to watch basketball this year, it still might be the easiest and cheapest choice depending on where you live.

Kevin Durant is still with the Brooklyn Nets, despite an eventful offseason. 

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Live TV streaming services vs. cable

Die-hard sports fans are beholden to regional sports networks, or RSNs, that carry the majority of the games for their local team. These RSNs are usually included in local cable packages, so most cable subscribers never have to worry about gaining access to the broadcasts on these channels: They can simply turn on the TV and watch the game. 

Cord-cutting basketball fans have a tougher path. Because of rights agreements, most live TV streaming services like YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV don’t carry many RSNs. DirecTV Stream is the exception. It has nearly every RSN, particularly the Bally Sports channels (formerly Fox Sports) offered by Sinclair, but you’ll need to spring for its $90-a-month Choice plan. 

Ultimately, depending on your location, getting a cable subscription that includes ESPN, TNT and the local RSN might actually be cheaper and easier than streaming — especially if it’s bundled with the home internet you’ll likely be getting anyway.

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NBA League Pass, NBA TV and blackouts

For NBA fans looking to watch a ton of out-of-market basketball, a subscription to NBA League Pass has a lot to offer. You can get the whole NBA slate for $100 for the season (compared to $199 last year), with commercials and one device, or $130 for the season with in-arena feeds instead of commercials, and the ability to watch on two devices at once (down from $249 last year). Those interested in following only a single team can buy a Team Pass for $90 (down from $119) for the season. 

The catch here is “out-of-market.” Most fans are in-market, meaning they follow the local team, and unfortunately for them RSNs have broadcast exclusivity in the region that they cover. That means local NBA games are blacked out on NBA League Pass.

If you’re living in Los Angeles, for example, you won’t be able to watch Lakers or Clippers games on NBA League Pass. The same goes for Knicks or Nets fans in New York, Bucks fans in Milwaukee and so on. The only way to watch most of those home team games in your home market is to get a service that has the local RSN, namely Spectrum SportsNet, Bally Sports SoCal, MSG Network, YES Network or Bally Sports Wisconsin. 

Services like NBA League Pass use IP addresses to block out games in viewers’ regions — you’ll just get a black screen or message telling you it’s unavailable if you try to watch those games. That’s why League Pass is ideal for those who want to follow one or more of the teams based in cities other than their own, aka out-of-market teams, but for local fans it’s not as useful. 

Some RSNs, particularly some Bally Sports networks, will allow you to pay for their channel without signing up for cable. 

NBA League Pass is perfect for catching out-of-market NBA action. While it doesn’t allow you to stream games airing in your local city or on national TV, with its new lower $100 starting price (and bundling of NBA TV) it is ideal for fans looking to keep up with everything happening around the league. 

Bally Sports Plus: Best local alternative, if your team is included

Bally Sports Plus launched in September and offers users in its coverage area a way to stream Bally Sports channels without cable. The service costs $20 a month or $190 a year for your local Bally Sports channel, including NBA and NHL games (plus MLB games in certain areas). In markets where you normally have two different Bally Sports channels, you can choose to only buy one, or you can bundle them together for $30 a month. 

Bally Sports Plus uses your billing ZIP code to determine which channels are available to you, though you’ll be able to log into your channels from anywhere in the country. 

This service is only available for those whose billing ZIP code falls in locations covered by Bally Sports channels. Users can pay $20 a month or $190 a year for streaming access to their local Bally Sports channel without cable. Those who live in areas covered by multiple Bally Sports networks will be able to bundle them together for $30 a month, or pick one network for $20.

DirecTV Stream: Simplest for fans of the local team at $90 for Choice package

For those determined to watch their local basketball team without a cable or satellite TV subscription, a live TV streaming service is the best bet. While it is pricey, DirecTV Stream is the best option for most people, particularly those where the local games air on Bally Sports networks. 

DirecTV requires its $90-per-month Choice package to get RSNs, though this option also includes ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV, so you should be all set for basketball. If you live in a Ballys area, you could pair a Bally Sports Plus package with something like YouTube TV and save a few bucks per month. 

YouTube TV similarly includes all the major national channels and normally runs $65 per month, while Ballys — as mentioned above — generally runs $20 to $30 per month depending on your area. While in some cases this will be $5 per month cheaper than DirecTV, you will need to switch between different apps to stream everything. 

Below is a chart of all of the NBA teams in the US and their corresponding RSNs. 

Note: None of the (US-based) services carry the RSN for the Toronto Raptors. Fans in the US looking to watch Pascal Siakam and co. need to use NBA League Pass to get all the games that are not either on your local RSN or on a US national broadcast.

RSN availability by team and streaming service

Team Network name DirecTV Stream FuboTV YouTube TV Hulu Plus Live TV Sling Blue
Atlanta Hawks Bally Sports Southeast Yes No No No No
Boston Celtics NBC Sports Boston Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Brooklyn Nets YES Network Yes No No No No
Charlotte Hornets Bally Sports Southeast Yes No No No No
Chicago Bulls NBC Sports Chicago Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cleveland Cavaliers Bally Sports Ohio Yes No No No No
Dallas Mavericks Bally Sports Southwest Yes No No No No
Denver Nuggets Altitude Yes Yes No No No
Detroit Pistons Bally Sports Detroit Yes No No No No
Golden State Warriors NBC Sports Bay Area Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Houston Rockets AT&T SportsNet Southwest Yes Yes No No No
Indiana Pacers Bally Sports Indiana Yes No No No No
Los Angeles Clippers Bally Sports SoCal Yes No No No No
Los Angeles Lakers Spectrum SportsNet Yes No No No No
Memphis Grizzlies Bally Sports Southeast Yes No No No No
Miami Heat Bally Sports Sun Yes No No No No
Milwaukee Bucks Bally Sports Wisconsin Yes No No No No
Minnesota Timberwolves Bally Sports North Yes No No No No
New Orleans Pelicans Bally Sports New Orleans Yes No No No No
New York Knicks MSG Yes Yes No No No
Oklahoma City Thunder Bally Sports Oklahoma Yes No No No No
Orlando Magic Bally Sports Florida Yes No No No No
Philadelphia 76ers NBC Sports Philadelphia No Yes Yes Yes No
Phoenix Suns Bally Sports Arizona Yes No No No No
Portland Trail Blazers Root Sports Northwest Yes Yes No No No
Sacramento Kings NBC Sports California Yes Yes Yes Yes No
San Antonio Spurs Bally Sports Southwest Yes No No No No
Utah Jazz AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain Yes Yes No No No
Washington Wizards NBC Sports Washington Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Some key takeaways:

  • The RSNs above are typically only available to local subscribers. Refer to the individual service’s details below to find out if you live in a place where you can receive a particular RSN. 
  • DirecTV Stream’s $90-a-month Choice package includes NBA TV and all of the RSNs for basketball, with the exception of NBC Sports Philadelphia. Sixers fans hoping to watch Joel Embiid pulverize the competition will have to look elsewhere. 
  • They could jump over to FuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV or YouTube TV, which all carry NBC Sports Philadelphia, but fans of other teams will mostly be out of luck. FuboTV only offers 10 RSNs for basketball, while Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube TV only have six. Sling TV doesn’t offer a single RSN.

One other note: If you don’t recognize the name of some of these channels, don’t worry. What were formerly Fox Sports RSNs have been rebranded as Bally Sports, because the channels are no longer owned by Fox but Sinclair, which partnered with casino group Bally’s to rename them. 

DirecTV Stream is expensive. It’s the priciest of the five major live TV streaming services, but it’s also the one with the most RSNs. Its cheapest, $70-a-month Plus package includes ESPN, ABC, TNT and TBS. You’ll need to move up to the $90-a-month Choice plan to get any available RSN as well as NBA TV. You can use its channel lookup tool to see which local channels and RSNs are available in your area. 

Best options for nationally broadcast games

Aside from DirecTV Stream, the odds are long that a live TV streaming service carries the RSN for your local team’s games, which makes the other four services better bets for watching nationally televised games. 

Sling TV’s Orange plan includes ESPN, and both plans offer TBS too, but neither of them gives you access to ABC or the regional sports networks found on more expensive services. NBA TV is available as part of the Sports Extra add-on, which costs $11 a month for either the Blue or Orange plan, or $15 for the combined Orange-and-Blue plan. The individual plans cost $35 a month each, and the Orange-and-Blue plan costs $50 a month. You can see which local channels you get here.

YouTube TV costs $65 a month and offers six RSNs for basketball, along with all of the national broadcasts including NBA TV. Plug in your ZIP code on its welcome page to see which local networks and RSNs are available in your area.

FuboTV costs $70 per month for its Pro option and offers 11 RSNs for basketball. It also includes ESPN, but not TBS — which might be a problem for some basketball fans. But you can add NBA TV for an extra $8 a month with the Fubo Extra Package. Check out which local networks and RSNs it offers here.

Hulu Plus Live TV costs $70 a month and carries six RSNs for basketball, along with ESPN, ABC, TBS and TNT, but not NBA TV. Click the “View all channels in your area” link at the bottom of its welcome page to see which local networks and RSNs are available where you live.

Each live TV streaming service offers a free trial, allows you to cancel anytime and requires a solid internet connection. Looking for more information? Check out our live TV streaming services guide.

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