Black Friday brought one of the best Meta Quest 2 deals yet. The portable VR headset got sucked into the inflation cycle earlier this year with a price jump from $300 to $400. But in a deal that’s good through Cyber Monday, the best VR headset out there has dropped to just $350, and it’s bundled with two of its best games, too — Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4.  If you’ve ever been interested in getting a VR headset, this Cyber Monday deal makes it the perfect time to buy in. 

Meta is releasing a whole new Quest 3 next year, likely with better features at a similar price, which is the one reason you might want to hold back. Even so, Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 are two of the best games on the Quest 2, and the bundle with those games is $50 less than the Quest 2 was selling for before this sale. (For obvious reasons, we recommend saving your money and not buying the $1,500 Quest Pro.)

If you want even more storage, the 256GB version of the Quest 2 with these games is $430, which is $70 less than the 256GB model normally costs. Most people won’t need the extra storage, but it can be helpful for anyone who’s planning on owning a ton of apps.

Meta also has a VR game sale going on right now, with lots of the best Quest games discounted. Here are some of the most notable ones worth getting:

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