Apple on Monday unveiled a new product in its Mac lineup: a 15-inch MacBook Air. And though we’re only a few days out from Apple’s WWDC keynote presentation, and 15-inch MacBook Air preorders are still open ahead of the machine shipping next week, you can already save on Apple’s newest laptop. Over at Amazon, you can preorder the new machines with a near-$50 discount. That drops the starting price down to $1,250 for all four available colors in the 256GB capacity, and you can upgrade to the 512GB model while saving the same amount. 

This is the first direct dollar discount we’ve seen on the 15-inch MacBook Air and it represents a rare chance to save on a pre-release Apple product. Amazon isn’t listing an end date to this sale, so it’s worth locking in the reduced price while you can if you’re in the market for a laptop upgrade. The next best deal on the 15-inch MacBook Air is at Best Buy where a $50 gift card is being included with preorders, though that’s only for Totaltech members. 

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air is the largest Air model to date and offers an attractive option for those wanting a big screen Mac portable without spending over the odds on a MacBook Pro. It’s essentially the same as the 13-inch MacBook Air but with a larger, 15.3-inch display. It features the same M2 chip, Touch ID sensor, two USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, MagSafe charger and 18-hour battery life. Its screen supports up to 500 nits of brightness and up to a billion colors. And there’s a built-in 1080p camera for FaceTime calls, too, as well as a three-mic array and six speakers for spatial audio support.

Despite offering a larger display, the 15-inch MacBook Air still feels thin and light, as CNET’s Dan Ackerman found in his hands-on time with the device, weighing in at just over 3 pounds and measuring 1.15cm thin. 

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