If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, an at-home DNA test can provide tons of insights about everything from your genetic ancestry to your physical health and medical predispositions. And right now, you can pick up one of our favorite tests of the year at a discount. Woot is currently offering up to 50% off 23andMe test kits, with prices starting at just $80. These deals are only available through April 4, so be sure to get your order in before then if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

There are three different testing kits on sale that will provide you with different information about your genetic makeup. If you’re most interested in understanding your ancestry, you can pick up the Ancestry Traits kit for $80, which saves you $19 compared to the usual price. It breaks down your genetic makeup into over 2,000 different geographic regions and there’s even an option DNA relative finder feature that will automatically start building your family tree. 

For $100, $99 off, you can upgrade to the Health + Ancestry kit. In addition to the geographic breakdown of your ancestry it also provides you with valuable insights about how your DNA affects your overall health and lifestyle, and whether you’re predisposed toward particular health conditions.

And if you want to splurge on the most detailed reports, you can upgrade to the Premium Membership bundle, which is also $99 off right now, bringing the price to $130. It provides all the same data and insights as the Health and Ancestry kit above, with a few additional benefits. The Premium Bundle also includes a one-year premium 23andMe membership, which means you’ll get exclusive DNA reports throughout the year with insights about steps you can take to be healthier. It also includes a pharmacogenetics test, which can provide helpful information about how certain medicines will work with your body and genetic makeup.

Before committing to a DNA test, it’s good to be aware of how your data will be used. It’s possible that your DNA information could be shared with pharmaceutical companies and law enforcement agencies, so be sure to consider your comfort level with that before you do any at-home DNA tests. 23andMe has a privacy page where it outlines how your information is stored and protected. Read our full guide to the best DNA test kits for more information.

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