Still stuck using Windows 10, but don’t want to invest in a brand new device? If you’re considering giving your current computer an upgrade to Windows 11 — the latest Windows operating system — it’s probably worth it to go ahead and opt for the Pro version. While downloading it directly from Microsoft will set you back $200, there are ways to get it for less. 

StackSocial has bundled Windows 11 Pro — along with Microsoft Office Pro 2021 — for just $50 right now. The bundle saves you 88% on two lifetime licenses that will grant you access to a solid OS and plenty of productivity apps. There’s no expiry listed for this offer, so we recommend making your purchase sooner rather than later.

Windows 11 Pro offers some additional features that you won’t find on the base version, including Microsoft Remote Desktop, BitLocker device encryption, Windows Sandbox, Hyper-V, Azure Active Directory and much more. You’ll receive an activation key that you can use on up to three devices. Not all computers are compatible, so if you’re considering upgrading, be sure to check out the system requirements before you purchase. 

Your purchase comes with a lifetime license to Office Professional 2021 as well, which includes popular programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote and more. With a single one-time payment, you’ll retain lifetime access on the installed PC, which will save you a ton over the recurring charges you’ll accrue via a Microsoft 365 subscription and offers you more than the free online version of Microsoft Office. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll be limited to installing Office on just one computer and the “lifetime” part of the license refers to the lifetime of the machine you install it on.

If you don’t need the Office apps in this bundle, you can grab this Windows 11 Pro deal offering just the operating system upgrade for $40, but for $10 more, you may find that this bundle is a better deal. 

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