President’s Day falls on January 20 this year and it’s the time of year when we usually see a bunch of deals and discounts, especially on big-ticket items like cars. That’s true for mattresses too. Since mattresses can cost hundreds of dollars, it’s always great to find discounts on quality mattresses.

Today only at Dreamcloud, you can save 25% on all mattresses plus get $599 worth of accessories in your purchase, including a sheet set, cooling pillows and a mattress protector. Each mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and is shipped free. You get an entire year to test the mattress at home before deciding to return or exchange it.

These mattresses are both affordable and luxurious. The original Dreamcloud is a 14-inch mattress with a cashmere blend cover designed for peak comfort. The tight top cover is plush and durable, carefully stitched with a beautiful cloud pattern. For a Queen-sized mattress, the original price is $999, but with the discount you can get it for just $750.

Other options include the DreamCloud Premier mattress, which starts at a retail price of $799 and the DreamCloud Premier Rest which starts at $1,299. When you apply the coupon code, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on these mattresses.

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