Hobbies are more important than ever and learning through them is even better. Since we know learning never ends, a way to keep your kid stimulated after school is by introducing them to something that piques their interest and teaches something, especially screen-free. With this back-to-school box sale at Cratejoy, adults can snag boxes under $50 to keep your kid busy. 

Everything you’ll find on sale here are dedicated hobbies spanning from arts to science. If you have a kid who loves painting and making crafts, this seasonal box packed with crafts, games, recipes and more starting at $30. In this box kids will find simple snack recipes, games, Spotify playlists, coloring pages and more. Another popular box is the superpower academy subscription box that combines social and emotional learning with STEM. This box features a monthly STEM project, lessons you can use to teach your kids how to manage emotions and make good choices and comic book stories of real life heroes all for $30 a month. 

Other choices you can get are Elephant books (a book club for kids aged 0 to 6), the little learners busy box and a sensory TheraPlay box. There are plenty of options for subscription boxes that will keep your kids busy and learning something new. But, if you’re interested in a non-subscription boxes, there are a few options you can check out. Younger kids who love insects can try this shapes and structures box, which includes STEAM projects, for $40. And this sensory box for teens and adults gets discounted to $63 (save $16) when you click the special coupon code on its page. While this box is a bit more than $50, it’s still worth your consideration because it comes with enough sensory toys and tools to help everyone relax.

For more epic back-to-school deals at Cratejoy, head over to the website for more to take advantage of low prices and awesome monthly subscription boxes today.

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