Garmin makes a lot of fitness trackers, and most of them are very well liked. Some are more affordable than others, but the higher-end models do often carry large price tags with them, so when they are on sale you don’t want to miss out. For a limited time, Amazon has the Garmin Enduro with solar charging on sale for $460, a savings of over $300 from its regular price. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for it, as previously the lowest it sold for was $650.

Sure, $460 is not cheap by any definition of the word, but when you consider everything you’re getting at that price it’s quite a steal. It has a 1.4-inch display with Garmin’s Power Glass solar charging built in to help keep it powered up while you’re out and about. It offers up to 80 hours of activity tracking in GPS mode, and the battery is said to last for up to 50 days in smartwatch mode. It’s made of titanium and comes with an UltraFit nylon band to help size it perfectly to your wrist.

Additionally, you’ll find great features like walk/run detection, activity tracking for ultraruns, trail runs and even climbing. There’s a whole lot to this watch, which makes it great for those who are looking to get more serious about their training or those who are already quite serious and need something to better track activities.

The Enduro was replaced late in 2022 with the Enduro 2, which we did hands-on testing with. That’s an $1,100 watch that offers a bunch of upgrades over the original, but at more than twice the cost it could be hard to justify the upgrade.

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