While you may have a set of jumper cables bouncing around in your car’s trunk you’ll need more than that in a true emergency. This Goodyear emergency kit has all the essentials you need in case of a roadside emergency, and right now you can pick one up at a bargain. Right now at Walmart, you can grab this premium kit on sale for just $18 ($22 off the usual price). There’s no set expiration on this offer, so there’s no saying how long it will be available. You may want to order yours sooner rather than later if you’re hoping to snag one at this price. 

Having one of these Goodyear premium emergency kits stowed under the seat could make all the difference in case you slide off the road or get into an accident. There’s two traction mats to help you get unstuck from mud or ice, and a tow strap with a 10,000-pound capacity in case you need some serious assistance. It also includes an LED flashlight with a head strap for hands-free use, and a reflective cone to make you more visible and help warn oncoming traffic. And drivers from cold climates will appreciate the emergency snow shovel, ice scraper, snow brush and emergency blanket that come with this kit as well. You’ll also get a pair of 8-foot jumper cables and a free year of roadside assistance from Goodyear for any other emergencies you may run into. 

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