When we tested stainless steel skillets, All-Clad’s three-ply 10-inch model took the top spot overall. It’s light, easy to handle, heats up fast and cooks evenly. It’s not cheap — normally $100 or more — but it’s currently on sale for $70 during All-Clad’s banger of a Factory Seconds sale. That’s about as low as you’ll ever find an All-Clad stainless steel frying pan drop. 

There are also roasting pans, kitchen utensils, bakeware sets, toasters and tons more dreamy All-Clad kitchen gear at deep discounts during the flash sale. We’ve outlined the best deals below. These are also the items most likely to run out of stock first, as they have in past Factory Seconds sales.

What does ‘factory seconds’ mean?

Here’s a little more on why these items are so heavily discounted. “Factory Seconds” or “second quality” means the items may have some minor manufacturing defects like a dent or scratch, but it won’t affect their performance. In most cases, the defects are barely noticeable. Some items in this sale are also labeled “damaged packing” (which means exactly what it sounds like), but that should have no bearing on the condition of the All-Clad product itself.

It’s worth noting that all sales are final and there’s a flat $10 shipping cost on all orders, and you have to provide an email address just to see the prices. Shop the full VIP All-Clad Factory Seconds sale and see some of our top picks below.

all-clad frying pan set

Home & Cook Sales

This is all the nonstick you’ll ever need. Nab high-end pans in three handy sizes and feel free to use these suckers on an induction oven, too.



When we tested a heap of frying pans to find the best, this All-Clad model was at the top of the list. You’ll rarely see it drop below $100 but it’s currently down to $70. This one is likely to go fast.

bakeware set


This 5-piece nonstick set is a whole lot of quality bakeware for not a lot of money.

baking bundle


Is this bundle which includes two baking sheets, two casserole trays and sturdy kitchen sheers a bit random? Yes. 

Are all of these tools essential for your kitchen and a bargain at $80 for the lot? Also, yes. 

all clad cookware


If you need the whole shebang for your kitchen, this 12-piece set featuring both nonstick and stainless steel pots and pans is a true steal at $400.

all-clad grill roaster


This perforated stainless steel roaster is designed to go on the grill for cooking seafood, vegetable and other delicate foods. 


Home & Cook

This versatile lasagna pan with a tight-fitting cover is great for so many things, and not just lasagna. It’s a steal at $60 and one of the best deals we’ve found.

all-clad 10.5 inch skillet


This five-ply skillet has one more layer each of aluminum and steel, meaning it’ll spread heat a bit more evenly and also reduce the chances of the pan warping over time. 


Home & Cook Sales

This 13×16-inch roaster has a nonstick coating that makes cleanup after a big roasting job a snap, and the rack lifts meats to promote even cooking.



We usually find this set of hard-anodized nonstick skillets for about $60, so you’ll be getting a modest discount on two sturdy nonstick pans. The set comprises an 8.5-inch and a 10.5-inch fry pan with PFOA-free nonstick coating. 

cooking utentils


If you want all your kitchen utensils to match and last for years, this is the set to grab.

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