Wi-Fi 6E is a new designation for Wi-Fi 6 devices that are capable of sending signals in the newly opened 6GHz band, which offers tons of clean bandwidth for next-gen devices. You’ll need Wi-Fi 6E devices and a Wi-Fi 6E router at home in order to put that 6GHz band to use, and routers like those are just as expensive as you’d expect — but Linksys has a Cyber Monday offer on one that’s worth considering.

The Linksys Atlas Max mesh router supports Wi-Fi 6E, and Linksys is currently offering a three-pack for $800, which is $400 off the regular sale price — and $200 less than the best price we saw on Black Friday. For the money, you’re getting three separate Wi-Fi 6E networking devices capable of relaying traffic throughout your home on the 2.4, 5 and 6GHz bands, the latter of which is ultra-wide and free from interference from previous-gen devices due to the fact that the FCC only voted to open it up for unlicensed Wi-Fi use last year.

Just keep in mind that it’s still early days for Wi-Fi 6E, so it might be a year or so before you’ve got multiple devices in your home that are even capable of connecting to that fancy 6GHz band. But still, if you’re an early adopter, $400 off is tempting.

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