There’s a lot to consider before you buy a new TV. You’ll want to figure out how much space you have and how big your TV should be. If you’re going to be using it for gaming, you might want one that has a high resolution and a fast refresh rate. Most new TVs are smart TVs that come with built-in apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, as well as voice control and voice assistance. 

If you’re in the market for a new television or you want to upgrade your existing set, you might be thinking about waiting until Black Friday or other shopping events to purchase one. But there are plenty of great deals across several retailers that you can take advantage of right now. Get hundreds of dollars off TVs from different brands with these great deals.

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Samsung TV deals


If you’re looking for a quality Samsung TV without paying top dollar for an OLED display, check out this 55-inch QLED 4K TV. Originally $798, you can get it for $698 and save $100. It’s a 2022 model that’s ultrathin and comes with Alexa built into it. It’s equipped with Motion Xcelerator technology, which minimizes blur and improves the motion clarity of high-speed and high-intensity content.

Amazon Fire TV deals


Amazon launched its first Fire TVs last year and there have been several models since then. This TV, the 65-inch Omni Series 4K TV, has Dolby Vision and can be used entirely hands-free as it has Alexa built in. Dolby Vision provides color, contrast, clarity and brightness to your viewing experience and Dolby Digital Plus offers advanced surround sound across multiple devices. Right now, you can save 13% on this size.

You’re receiving price alerts for 65-inch Amazon Fire Omni Series 4K TV: $720

LG TV deals


We love LG OLED TVs for their quality and price. This TV is now $200 off, so you can save even more money while getting one of the best quality TVs out there. The self-lit OLED pixels create beautiful graphics with infinite contrast, perfect black and over a billion colors that stand out brighter. With Filmmaker mode, you can enhance every moment in Dolby Atmos audio for an ultimate home theater experience.

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You’re receiving price alerts for 65-inch LG C2 Series OLED evo 4K smart TV: $1,897

Toshiba, Sony and other TV deals


TCL TVs top our favorite lists for best cheap TVs, and this TV is no exception to that. Originally $800, it’s now just $450. That’s not too bad for a 65-inch 4K Roku TV — our favorite smart TV platform. Enjoy pictures in 4K with high dynamic range. You can customize your home screen to easily access your favorite streaming channels or broadcast TV.

You’re receiving price alerts for TCL 50-inch Class 4 Series 4K smart Roku TV: $280

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