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Save on Paramount Plus by prepaying for a year

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Spring brings fresh premieres on streaming services, and it’s also a good time to prune expenses. With that in mind, you may have plans for a binge session or subscription dump. Whether it’s Peacock, Sling TV, Hulu or another platform, you’ll want to grab the best deal to make streaming worthwhile. 

Though Disney Plus and Hulu cost more now, you can still snag a bundle offer, and you can save on Paramount Plus by prepaying for a year. It’s the perfect time to try out a new service, or if you’ve been thinking of dropping a streaming subscription to save some cash, some of these deals may offer a way to fit a streaming TV platform into your budget after all. 

Here’s a look at the best streaming service deals you can get right now.


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Are you looking for a live TV streaming option? Sling offers a discount on its three TV packages, giving viewers access to live channels and on-demand shows and movies. 

New subscribers who sign up for Sling Orange ($40), Sling Blue ($40) or Sling Orange and Blue ($55) will receive 50% off the first month, dropping the price down to $20 or $27.50. After the deal expires, you’ll be charged the regular rate for a monthly subscription, but you can always check out Sling Freestream.

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Disney now offers two bundles that can save you $13 or more a month if you’re paying for separate Disney PlusESPN Plus and Hulu subscriptions. The $13-a-month Disney Bundle Trio Basic subscription gives you access to the ad-supported versions of all three streaming services. The Trio Premium plan costs $20 per month and gets you ESPN Plus with ads, and ad-free Disney Plus and Hulu. 

Sign up on the Disney Plus website. If you’ve already got a Hulu or ESPN account, you’ll need to combine your accounts on your desktop.

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Paramount Plus normally runs $10 a month for its commercial-free (and live-CBS-included) offering, while its Essential plan costs $5 a month. Prepaying for a year of either can effectively net you two months free, with the ad-free version running $100 for the year (a $20 savings) and the ad-supported tier running $50 (a $10 savings). 

A note: The option to prepay for a year and save isn’t exclusive to Paramount Plus — streaming services such as HBO Max and Hulu also offer discounts if you pay annually. 

Paramount Plus streaming TV and movies

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Paramount Plus provides a 25% student discount on its $5 per month Essential Plan that is good for four years, regardless of whether you graduate early. The offer cannot be applied to its Premium Plan or for subscribers who were grandfathered in on the now-discontinued Limited Commercials plan.

The catch? You must be enrolled in an accredited, Title IV higher education institution. To sign up, Paramount Plus will verify your student credentials through a third party. The discount is good for eligible students with new accounts. Those with existing Premium Plan subscriptions have the option to cancel and switch to the Essential plan to receive the special deal.


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If you have a Hulu plan that doesn’t include the Disney Bundle, you may be eligible to get Disney Plus with Ads for $2 per month. Hulu-billed subscribers can select Disney Plus as an add-on for the reduced rate by visiting their account page. 

This discount applies to the basic, ad-supported $8 Hulu plan and for the $15 ad-free version. Verify your account details to determine whether you already have access to Disney Plus and to check if you’re being billed via a third party. Go to the Manage Add-ons section of your account page and select Disney Plus. Currently, there’s no expiration date for this offer.



Beyond getting Hulu in the Verizon bundle, there are a few ways to save on Disney’s other streaming service. 

Students will want to check out Spotify’s Premium Student offer which combines Spotify Premium, Hulu’s ad-supported plan and Showtime for $5 per month. All told, the bundle would save $24 a month. You need to be a student above the age of 18 who is “enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university” to qualify, and Spotify works with a third party called SheerID to verify that you’re eligible. 

You will need to verify eligibility every 12 months, with the offer available for a total of four years. Full details can be found at Spotify’s site.

HULU streaming service

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College students who don’t want the Spotify and Showtime bundle can get the ad-supported Hulu for $2 a month. Hulu similarly uses SheerID to verify eligibility, with more details available on Hulu’s site.

Peacock Streaming App

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Comcast, which owns Peacock and its parent NBCUniversal, includes a subscription to the $5-a-month Peacock Premium for all Xfinity Flex users as well as its Xfinity X1 and video customers who subscribe to at least the Xfinity Internet or Digital Starter TV internet and TV packages. More details can be found on Peacock’s site. This deal expires on June 26, 2023.

Eligible Spectrum customers can receive free access to Peacock Premium. Cable subscribers can get 12 months of Peacock Premium and qualified Spectrum Internet customers can receive 90 days of Peacock Premium. The offer ends on Dec. 7, 2023. Full details can be found here.

If you’re already paying for Peacock Premium you’ll need to cancel the billing on your account and sign back up by linking your Spectrum account. It’s also worth noting that after these 12 months are up, or 90 days for home internet users, you’ll be automatically billed the streaming service’s regular $5 per month rate unless you cancel.

If you don’t have Spectrum or Comcast, you can get an annual Peacock subscription for either $50 a year for ad-supported Premium or $100 a year for ad-free Premium Plus.

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