In an era of Disney PlusNetflixHuluParamount PlusHBO Max and Peacock, there seem to be nearly as many streaming services as there are days in a month. With subscription prices constantly rising, the cost of signing up for more than one service can quickly rival an old cable bill.  

Depending on your cellphone service, however, there could be ways to score discounts on one or more of these options. Some T-Mobile plans can get you a free subscription to Netflix and Apple TV Plus. Verizon offers the Disney Bundle (Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu) with certain plans, while one of Cricket Wireless’ unlimited plans includes ad-supported HBO Max.

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Let’s break down the best streaming service deals that are available now from each carrier. 

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Have your sights set on Disney Plus? 

Verizon includes the Disney Bundle — subscriptions to Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus that run a combined $15 a month — with its 5G Play More and 5G Get More unlimited plans. Other plans, such as its most affordable Start and Welcome Unlimited plans, have six-month trials of Disney Plus included, but not the bundle. 

Verizon allows mixing and matching with most of its unlimited plans, so as long as one line on your account has a Play More or Get More plan, you will be able to get the perk. Note that it is only one Disney subscription per Verizon account, not per individual line. 

The deal works for both new and existing Disney Plus subscribers, so if you already have a subscription you can either cancel or, if you have the six-month trial, have the Verizon subscription run first and then have your regular subscription continue after. 

It is also worth noting that the Disney Bundle Verizon offers includes ad-free Disney Plus (though Hulu still has ads). Disney’s regular triple play offer starts at $13 per month but has ads for Disney Plus and Hulu. Going ad-free for Disney Plus and Hulu in a triple play with ESPN Plus runs $20 per month.  

According to Verizon’s website, both the Disney Bundle and six-month Disney Plus offerings are available until May 17. Verizon didn’t immediately get back to us about whether the deals would be extended past that date or what would happen to those who have already signed up. 


On top of its Disney-related perks, Verizon includes Apple One with its One Unlimited for iPhone plan.

You can’t mix and match One Unlimited for iPhone with other unlimited plans, so all of your phone lines will need to be on the plan if you want the perk. One line gets you Apple One’s individual plan, which includes 50GB per month of iCloud Plus storage plus access to Apple Arcade, Apple Music and Apple TV Plus. Two or more lines get you Apple One’s family plan, which bumps the iCloud Plus storage to 200GB per month and adds the ability to share with up to five other users. 

Apple One individual plan runs $17 per month while the family plan costs $23 per month. 

You can learn more about what’s required to get Apple One with Verizon on Verizon’s website


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T-Mobile, through its Netflix on Us perk, has long offered free Netflix on some of its unlimited plans, including Magenta and its newer Magenta Max option. Older plans, called One and One Plus, also have Netflix included. The version of Netflix you get depends on your plan and how many lines you have.

Currently, any type of Magenta plan will get you Netflix Basic, so long as you have multiple lines. The exception is a Magenta Max plan, where you’re required to have only one line. If you have multiple lines of Magenta Max, you’ll get Netflix Standard instead. The basic version typically runs $10 a month and lets you watch on a single screen at a time. The standard version is the most popular version of Netflix that runs $15.49 a month and allows viewing on two screens. Full details, including what you’d need to pay if you want to upgrade to a higher plan like the 4K-capable Netflix Premium, can be found on T-Mobile’s website

Note: It’s one Netflix subscription per T-Mobile account, not per individual line. 

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In addition to Netflix, T-Mobile offers free Apple TV Plus as a perk. The Apple TV Plus deal is available to new and existing T-Mobile customers, but, like the Netflix deal, it varies based on your plan. 

It is worth noting that T-Mobile doesn’t let you “mix and match” different plans on a family account, so you can’t have one person be on Magenta Max and get the Netflix and Apple TV Plus perk and then have other lines on cheaper Magenta plans. 

A subscription to Apple TV Plus, normally $7 per month, is included with Magenta Max and specialized plans like Magenta Max 55+, Magenta Max Military and Magenta Max First Responder, among other plans. Six months of Apple TV Plus are included with plans such as Magenta, specialized Magenta plans and Sprint ONE. The company lists more eligible plans and how long they get Apple TV Plus on its website

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Are you a baseball fan? MLB.TV costs $150 per year, but customers with T-Mobile, Sprint or Metro by T-Mobile can receive a free one-year subscription to stream Major League Baseball games and events. 

The deal kicked off last week just before the start of the 2023 season and runs through April 4 at 4:59 a.m. ET, and customers can redeem the limited-time offer through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to stream live games in your local market with MLB TV, including those on local regional sports networks or games airing on national platforms like ESPN or TBS.

Metro by T-Mobile

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Metro by T-Mobile includes a subscription to Amazon Prime with its heritage $60 rate plan with Amazon, which differs from its regular $60 per month unlimited plan that is currently available online. To get Prime, you need to call Metro by T-Mobile customer service and request it. In addition to two-day free shipping, it also means you’ll have access to Prime Video, for streaming movies and shows like Shotgun Wedding, The Boys and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

In addition to Prime, the plan also includes 100GB of Google One storage and 15GB of mobile hotspot. As its name suggests, Metro by T-Mobile is owned by T-Mobile and runs on its network.


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Cricket Wireless, which is owned by AT&T, has added a deal that will bundle a subscription to the ad-supported version of HBO Max with the carrier’s $60-a-month unlimited plan. The streaming service gives you access to all HBO content as well as Max originals such as Peacemaker, The Flight Attendant and Our Flag Means Death. 

Note: It’s one HBO Max subscription per Cricket account, not per individual line.

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