While weight isn’t the only determining factor as to whether or not you’re leading a healthy life, it always helps knowing where you’re at on the scale. For those looking to gain weight or lose some weight, having a scale is incredibly useful in helping you reach your goals. 

Some may opt for a traditional scale that has a little lever and window showing you your weight. But if you want a modern scale, consider grabbing a smart scale. Smart scales can work with your phone or tablet to show you your progress over time, and usually have LED displays that show you your weight down to a tenth of a pound.

It’s up to you to decide what you want in a smart scale. There are lots of options out there, so we’ve rounded up some of the best deals for you. 

Best smart scale deals


This 11.8-inch scale is made from tempered glass and manufactured by a California-based company. I like the sleek silver design, which can blend in perfectly with any silver-toned bathroom. It can measure weight up to 400 pounds, uses both kilogram and pound measuring units, has an auto shut-off and includes batteries. Along with a 50% discount, you’ll get an additional 8% off at checkout.


If you want an advanced smart scale, this one from Etekcity will also measure your body fat, BMI and heart rate. You’ll find a full biometric analysis with this scale. For those hitting the gym but not losing weight, this Apex scale will show you how your body fat percentage is improving. You can track your progress and even ask Alexa how much weight you’ve lost this month. You can set goals and sync information with smartwatches. A $15 coupon will automatically be applied at checkout.


This smart scale from Etekcity is affordable and effective. It’s accurate down to 0.05 pounds and is adept at measuring BMI, muscle weight and more. The scale provides 13 body composition measurements so you can pinpoint areas of improvement and fine-tune fitness goals. It can measure weight between 22 and 400 pounds. A $7 coupon will automatically added at checkout.


With an on-site coupon of $3 applied at checkout, you’ll get this sacle for just $20. You can sync this scale to any smartwatch and export data in CSV format for long-term storage. 

This scale is perfect for bodybuilders, those trying to lose weight or anyone else. It can capture 13 essential measurements including weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI and bone mass.


This 11×11-inch scale by Eufy can help you track and monitor 16 different body measurements, including your standing heart rate. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy of use.

When you pair it to the app, you can see a virtual version of your body and see your fitness journey via 3D model. Along with full body reports, you can get weekly trend graphs and useful health tips.

This scale is IPX5 waterproof, and it has baby mode, pet mode and pregnancy mode.

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