It’s always disheartening to walk out to your car, only to find it won’t start. Maybe you left a light on, or maybe your battery just slowly wore out without you noticing. Let’s be fair, who checks their battery every day anyway? Whatever the reason, you need a boost and you need it right away. 

Portable jumper cables can make a world of a difference if you ever get stuck. A set of working jumper cables are crucial for any car. All you have to do to restart your car is plug the cables onto another running car or an external battery and onto the battery of your car. After letting it run for a couple of minutes, the battery should be able to start the car. 

You’ll have to buy the right jumper cables. Most auto shops recommend ones that are at least 20 feet long. That will come in handy when you need to transport power between vehicles. There are also some jumper cables that are attached to starter boxes. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on both right now, so check them out below.

Best Buy

This is probably the most portable and affordable all-in-one jump starter and power station we’ve seen so far. The power station doubles as a rugged flashlight that can also power up your smartphone. A 36.6Wh battery and mini jumper cables can jumpstart your car, truck or SUV in a matter of seconds.


You can start dead batteries easily with this compact and powerful 1,000-amp portable lithium car battery jump starter pack. It can last up to 20 jump starts on a single charge. It’s capable of powering up 6-liter gasoline engines and 3-liter diesel engines. This is also a power bank that you can charge your phone, tablet and other devices. There’s also a built-in 100-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.

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This portable power station comes equipped with sparkproof clamps that have reverse polarity protection, so you’ll stay safe even if you make a mistake. The clamps can transport up to 1,400 amps of starting power instantly. It also has a 120-psi air compressor, an alternator check function, an LED work light, a built-in air conditioner charging cube and backup power for mobile devices.

Home Depot

These cables give you more length when starting a car that has a discharged or dead battery. It has heavy-duty vinyl coated clamps for rust and corrosion resistance, a 0-gauge cable thickness and a tangle-free design to keep cords from twisting. The clamps are color coded and have rubber-coated handles for protection against electrical shocks.


This car battery starter and jumper cable set from Nexpow delivers a peak current of 1,500 amps and can start all 7L gasoline engines and 5.5L diesel engines, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and ATVs. The battery starter is equipped with a handy and powerful LED light with three modes: flashlight, SOS light and strobe light. The jumper cables are sparkproof, and have reverse polarity protection and overload protection so you’ll never have to worry if you accidentally hook onto the wrong terminals. You save 20% on these cables with a coupon applied at checkout.

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