Not too long ago, even the biggest and most expensive memory cards could only handle a few gigabytes of data. Things have come a long way since then, and these days you can fit an entire terabyte of storage into a chip that’s smaller than the tip of your finger. And you can pick up packs of smaller-capacity cards for a dime a dozen.

As you can probably infer from the name, microSD cards are an even smaller version of the standard SD cards used by most digital cameras. They’re primarily used in phones and tablets, where size is a major factor, and it never hurts to have a few extras on hand. And right now, you’ll find plenty of these tiny memory cards on sale with big discounts. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on microSD cards out there below, and we’ll continue to update this page as offers come and go. Be sure to check back often to make sure you’re getting the best price available.

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SanDisk’s Extreme series is built to withstand harsh conditions, so they’re ideal if you’re looking for a memory card for your GoPro or another action camera. This card is resistant to water, shock, extreme temperatures and even X-rays. Beyond its durability, this card boasts some impressive specs. It has read speeds of up to 160 megabytes per second, and write speeds of up to 90MBps for fast shooting, plus a respectable 512GB of storage. This is one of the best overall values you’ll find out there at the moment.


If you’re looking for serious storage capacity, this is the one of the best deals you’ll find out there at the moment. This Lexar has an entire terabyte, or 1,000GB, of memory. Enough for roughly 250,000 pictures or 500 hours of HD video. In addition to its impressive capacity, this card boasts read speeds of up to 150MBps.


Whether you have the original Switch, the Lite version or the new OLED, you’re going to want some extra storage for your console. SanDisk makes microSD cards licensed by Nintendo specifically for the Switch, and you can pick up this 512GB Animal Crossing-themed one for just $110 right now at Best Buy. You can also pick up the smaller¬†256GB version on sale for $39.


If durability is your No. 1 priority, this is the best deal for you. The Extreme Plus, like the Extreme, is resistant to shock, water, temperature and X-rays, so there’s no need to worry about leaving it in your airport carry-on. It also boasts an impressive read speed of up to 170MBps, and a write speed of up to 90MBps, to save you time while transferring files.


Considering how many devices can be improved with a microSD, there’s a good chance you’ll want to pick up more than one. Right now at Walmart, you can get this five-pack of 16GB Topesel cards at just $4.38 per card. True, 16GB isn’t a lot of storage in this day and age, but that’s still enough to hold about 600 pictures or about two hours of HD video.


The SanDisk Ultra is a less expensive alternative to the more rugged Extreme series listed above. It boasts read and transfer speeds of up to 120MBps and can capture and store full HD video.


Sometimes it makes more sense to invest in a single microSD card that you can reuse over and over, rather than several different cards. This 256GB SanDisk is designed for maximum longevity, and can record and re-record for up to 120,000 hours. It’s also fairly durable with protection against extremes, water, shock, and x-rays, and boasts read speeds of up to 100MBps.¬†


This Samsung microSD only has half the storage capacity of the 512GB SanDisk Extreme listed above, but it also costs less than half the price, and is more durable. This 256GB chip is protected against water, shock, drops and temperatures, as well as magnets and X-rays. It’s designed to capture 4K UHD video and boasts transfer speeds of up to 130MBps.

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