Apple’s iPhones are among the best and most popular phones on the market in 2022, but they’re certainly not the cheapest. Some high-end iPhone models sell for $1,000 and up, and even more affordable models start at over $400. That’s why it’s worth hunting down the best bargains and offers available so you can get an iPhone in you hand for less. 


Fortunately, we’re constantly scouring the web for the best iPhone deals so that you don’t have to. We keep tabs on iPhone prices across all of the major retailers and also have our finger on the pulse when it comes to carrier promotions and phone deals during seasonal sales. Below, we’ve rounded up the best iPhone deals currently available to make things easy for you. 

iPhone 14 deals

The iPhone 14 series is Apple’s current flagship line of phones and includes the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and top-spec iPhone 14 Pro Max. Being Apple’s latest and greatest, these phones don’t come cheap, though there are plenty of iPhone deals out there to cut their sticker prices down to size. Check out our iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro reviews for everything you need to know on these devices and scroll down for the latest iPhone 14 deals.

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The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are available to buy directly from Apple, with delivery and in-store pickup options. You can also trade in your old device for up to $720 off your new one and use an Apple Card to get 3% back on your purchase.

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Verizon is offering as much as $1,000 off iPhone 14 purchases via bill credits. Applied over 36 months, the credits require you to take out a new line on Verizon’s One Unlimited for iPhone plan, or one of its 5G Do More, 5G Play More or 5G Get More plans. The One Unlimited for iPhone plan is particularly appealing for those all-in on the Apple ecosystem, as it saves you up to $480 per year with its inclusion of an Apple One family account. Switchers will get an added bonus in the form of a $200 Verizon gift card.

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Order your iPhone 14 series device at Best Buy and you’ll snag four months of Apple Music (worth $40) for free. That’s in addition to up to $1,000 with trade-in and activation. Just note that Best Buy is not carrying any unlocked models at the moment, so you’ll have to activate your phone with a carrier. 

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New and existing customers buying an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro at AT&T can save as much as $800 with trade-in. To get the discount, buy an iPhone 14 device on a qualifying installment agreement, activate or keep eligible unlimited voice and data wireless service, and hand over your old phone in good working condition. You’ll get $800 in bill credits with a smartphone trade-in value of $130 or higher (which includes iPhone 12 or newer, several Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel 6 Pro and more). Older phones are still good for up to $350 in bill credits.

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Snag an iPhone 14 and 14 Pro from $0 at T-Mobile with an eligible trade-in. The discount of up to $1,000 is applied via 24 monthly bill credits when trading in an eligible device on Magenta Max. Don’t want to go for T-Mo’s top-tier plan? You can still save as much as $800 with a trade-in and a new line of service on another qualifying plan, or up to $400 with the trade-in alone.  You’ll also score Apple TV Plus for free at T-Mobile and its Forever Upgrade allows you to keep using the latest iPhone model at no extra cost with an upgrade every 24 months and up to $800 by trading in your old device.

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Buy your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro at Visible, port in your number, and you’ll receive $200 back as a gift card to spend wherever Mastercard is accepted. The deal requires you to transfer your number within 30 days and after completing three full months of service payments you’ll receive a code to claim your virtual gift card. In addition, you’ll bag yourself a pair of Beats Studio Buds (worth $150) for free for a limited time. 

iPhone 13 deals

The iPhone 13 may not be Apple’s flagship series anymore, but these are still some super powerful phones worth considering. With the iPhone 14 taking top spot, there are some great iPhone 13 deals to be found right now.

You can trade in your old iPhone and get as much as $720 off the iPhone 13 when you hand over an iPhone 12 or older (a higher trade-in maximum is quoted at Apple’s site for handing over an iPhone 13 model, which you’re unlikely to be doing when buying one). You can choose to finance your phone and Apple will apply the value as credit, or you can pay the full amount of the phone and they’ll credit your payment method after receiving the old phone. 

AT&T is offering iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro devices from just $10 per month on qualifying installment plans without the need to trade in your old phone. The discount is applied as bill credits over 36 months.

Get as much as $400 off your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro via 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in your old phone at Sprint. You’ll also need to have, or switch to, a qualifying plan to get the discount. 

T-Mobile offers up to $730 in bill credits when you trade in an older iPhone for a newer model meaning the 128GB iPhone 13 is effectively free for those starting a new line. Existing customers can get $400 off their upgrade with just the trade-in.

Verizon is offering up to $600 off iPhone 13 purchases when you trade in your old or damaged device. It’s the same discount for new lines or existing customers, though switchers can get an extra $200 credit. The iPhone 13 Pro is available at a $720 discount without the need to trade in an old phone, dropping it to just $5 per month with a new line for the 6.1-inch Pro and $10 per month for the 6.7-inch Pro Max. 

iPhone 12 deals

Though it’s no longer the latest model, Apple still sells the iPhone 12 and reduced its price when the iPhone 13 launched in 2021 making for some stellar iPhone deals. It’s a solid upgrade for anyone still using an older iPhone that doesn’t want to spend top dollar to have the latest and greatest tech. 

Apple offers as much as $720 off iPhone purchases with trade-in, though the top discounts are for people trading in iPhone 13 series devices which you’re unlikely to be doing when buying an iPhone 12. That being said, older models like iPhone 11 Pro Max can still net you up to $370 off and select Android phones are also eligible for trade-in.

Verizon is offering $600 off iPhone 12 with a new line on an unlimited plan meaning you can effectively get the 64GB device for free there without the need to hand over your old phone. Verizon is also offering some other bonuses like $200 off iPads or $120 off select smartwatches with your purchase. 

T-Mobile has a few deals on iPhone 12 right now including as much as $730 off when you trade in your old phone and add a new line. Devices eligible for the maximum value include iPhone XR and newer plus a variety of Android phones. New customers can also save $250 on the iPhone 12 or 12 Mini without the need to trade in an old device by adding a new line of service on a qualifying plan.

iPhone SE (2022) deals

The budget option in Apple’s lineup, the iPhone SE is targeted squarely at people who want a no-frills iPhone experience. It’s the perfect device for anyone who wants to stick with the familiar home button-first experience and the device was updated for 2022 with powerful new internals to ensure the device will be functional for years to come. With a starting price of just $429, you can snag a great iPhone SE deal on one if you know where to look.  

Surprisingly, Best Buy doesn’t seem to be carrying any unlocked models of the iPhone SE. But if you’re a T-Mobile customer, there is an offer you can take advantage of. Customers who use T-Mobile as their carrier can save up to $215 in monthly bill credits on their new iPhone SE. Just note that you’ll have to add a new line of service, and choose the 24-month installment plan to get the discount. T-Mobile customers will also get an extra $100 in savings, on top of the usual value, when they trade in a used device. 

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If you prefer to buy your new iPhone right from the source, you can do that with the iPhone SE. Apple has all the carrier models along with the unlocked one. And if you’re already an iPhone owner looking to switch to the new SE, Apple is offering up to $720 when you trade-in an iPhone 7 or newer. With a base price of $429, that means that you could theoretically get the new SE totally free, though you’re probably going to be trading a phone that gets you $40 to $100 off. If your trade-in doesn’t cover the full cost, you can pay the remaining cost in full, or or split it into 24 months of interest-free payments when you use an Apple Card during checkout.

While Verizon deals on upgrading existing lines are pretty slim right now, there is a great offer available if you’re looking to add a new line of service. When you buy an iPhone SE on a new line with any unlimited plan, you can save $430, which gets you the 64GB model for free. Just note that the discount will be applied in the form of monthly credits over a three-month period, even if you buy the phone outright. 

Verizon is also offering some other bonuses like $200 off iPads or $120 off select smartwatches with your purchase. These offers are available to both new and existing customers, but you are required to have a data plan for the new device as well as the phone.

The iPhone SE deal direct at T-Mobile is the same as the one offered via Best Buy with $215 off via monthly bill credits with a new line. You can also save up to $400 when you trade-in an iPhone XR or newer, or select Android phones. 

Buy your iPhone SE (2022) at Visible, port in your number, and receive $150 back as a gift card to spend wherever Mastercard is accepted. The deal requires you to transfer your number within 30 days and after completing three full months of service payments you’ll receive a code to claim your virtual gift card. 

Spectrum is another carrier that has the 2022 iPhone SE available for purchase, though the deals are pretty slim. The only offer available is an extra $100 on top of the estimated value of your device with a qualifying trade-in and a new line of service.

Metro has the best prepaid offer of any retailer or carrier out there at the moment. When you purchase an iPhone SE at full retail price and switch your existing number over to Metro’s $60-per-month unlimited data plan, you’ll get an instant $330 rebate. Meaning you’re getting the iPhone SE for a single $100 purchase, rather than discounted via monthly credits. Those who don’t have a number to switch over can still save $100 with the activation of a new line on a qualifying Metro plan. If you’re looking to purchase your phone outright, this is the best offer you’ll find, though you’ll have to actually go to the store in person to claim it.

Note: Because Metro is owned by T-Mobile, this offer is not available to those switching their number from an existing T-Mobile plan.

Older iPhone deals

In recent years, Apple has formed a habit of keeping some older iPhone models in the lineup at reduced prices for those that don’t want to pay more for newer devices. Because of this, it’s possible to find some really competitive iPhone deals on previous-gen models. 

T-Mobile is still offering a deal on the iPhone 11 where you can get $250 back via 24 monthly bill credits for a 50% discount on the device. However, this older model is currently out of stock, and it’s not clear if or when it will be available again. 

Get your iPhone SE (2020) via Visible, port in your number, and receive $100 back as a gift card to spend wherever Mastercard is accepted. The deal requires you to transfer your number within 30 days and after completing three full months of service payments you’ll receive a code to claim your virtual gift card. 

Which iPhone deal is the best?

While it appears a simple question at first, the best iPhone deal for you might be different from the best iPhone deal for someone else. Apple currently sells eight different iPhone models, so choosing the right one for you means assessing your needs and preferences when it comes to things like design, features, cameras and price. 

The current iPhone 14 is going to be the best iPhone for most people as it balances top-tier features with a relatively affordable price (especially with the above deals). It has a bright and clear OLED display, 5G support and cameras that are more than good enough for day-to-day use, and the A15 Bionic chip powering it is a portable powerhouse. 

Take the step up to the iPhone 14 Pro line and you’ll get an additional camera lens for macro photography, a more powerful A16 Bionic chip, a brighter display with the new Dynamic Island feature plus a heftier feeling stainless steel construction. It’s the best iPhone for those that want the latest and greatest technology from Apple. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max compared to other iPhone models

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The outgoing iPhone 13 models are still stellar phones, though, and you can pick up the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini from Apple for a while longer. If value is your main decision driver, the iPhone 12 is also still available from Apple and from carriers with some significant markdowns. Just because these are previous-gen devices, that doesn’t mean they might not be the best iPhone for you with their great displays, cameras and speedy performance making them great value for money. Plus, Apple is great at supporting its older devices with software updates for many years after they are released. 

If you want the most affordable iPhone, you’re going to be looking at the iPhone SE (at least when it comes to brand new phones, that is). Updated for 2022, the third-generation iPhone SE maintains the overall design of the iPhone 8 which will be familiar to a lot of iPhone buyers. Don’t be fooled by its classic appearance, though, as inside it is powered by the beefy A15 Bionic chip found in the current flagship iPhone models. It also offers 5G connectivity and a 12-megapixel camera. For $429, it’s a lot of iPhone for not a lot of money. 

What is the cheapest iPhone deal?

To buy outright in new condition, the iPhone SE is going to offer the cheapest iPhone deal. It starts at $429 contract-free and you can find carriers offering iPhone SE deals from as little as $11 per month making it a super affordable choice. 

Apple also still sells the iPhone 12 from $600 meaning you can get a more modern-looking device with an edge-to-edge display and dual camera system for not much more, though it’s powered by the slower and older A14 Bionic chip. 

When is the best time to snag an iPhone deal?

There are a few points in the year that make the most sense to buy an iPhone. The first is when a new model launches, usually in September each year. If you’re an early adopter that wants the best device as soon as possible, that’s when you’ll get it. It’s also a great time of year to buy if you’re looking for an iPhone deal as prices on older models drop to make room for the new devices. 

Other times of year that make the most sense are during major sale seasons, including annual events like Labor Day sales, Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. Apple tends not to participate in these events, at least not directly, but you can bet third-party retailers and carriers will be offering some of their best iPhone deals of the year at these times. 

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