Put an end to relying on your gas-guzzling mower and upgrade to an electric version. There are an abundance of electric lawnmower deals these day, making it easier to say goodbye to traditional mowers. For most folks, electric lawn mowers are powerful enough to meet their day-to-day needs and with regular price drops, these eco-friendly tools have never been more accessible.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to electric mowers, so we’ve done the legwork for you by rounding up our pick of the best electric lawnmower deals currently available. We’ll keep this list updated so you don’t have to pay full price whenever you’re ready to make the switch.

Best electric lawnmower deals available right now

Sun Joe

If you need a compact and lightweight mower, and have easy access to power in your yard, then you could spend relatively little to ditch your gas mower with this Sun Joe corded electric mower. You won’t need to fuss with batteries with this nippy 14-inch model, and its 10.6-gallon hard-top rear bag collects your clippings as you go.

The Home Depot

This lawnmower from Makita is a bestselling cordless walk-behind model that has a quiet mode, folding handles for compact storage and is built to resist to dust and water. You can save $89 right now and get a mower that can cut up to a third of an acre in 43 minutes or less.


This lawnmower is lightweight and has a 16-inch wide cutting path. It also has a five-position adjustable cutting height lever. And this mower adds even more versatility by offering rear bagging and mulching capability as well.


This mower can cut up to 5,000 square feet per charge and comes equipped with an on-board battery meter, a full-bag indicator for the collection bag and a six-level height adjustment lever. It’s only 29 pounds, making it easy to work with. And in tough terrain you can even turn up the torque to power through and turn it back down to conserve battery power on the rest of your lawn. It also comes with two Power Share batteries that can be used in other Worx tools, as well as a dual-port charger, so you can charge both batteries at once. 

Who is an electric lawnmower suitable for?

There are various pros and cons of electric mowers, so you’ll want to assess your needs before ditching gas for batteries. 

The most considerable downsides to battery-powered electric mowers are about power. Gas mowers have more power for tackling hilly terrain or larger yards where the torque and battery life of an electric mower may let you down. 

That being said, the average household could get along just fine with an electric mower, and easy-to-replace rechargeable batteries can be used to extend the range affordably. Electric mowers are also preferable for those who want a quieter operation or need easier maneuverability since they’re usually lighter than their gas-powered counterparts, not to mention the environmental benefits.

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