3D printing is the biggest it has ever been as a hobby, and with the additive manufacturing sector expected to be worth $10 billion later this decade it’s the right time to get on the 3D printing train. 3D printer makers know this too and are eagerly enticing buyers into their ecosystems with deals and sales.

If you’re a first-time buyer, getting a good 3D printer deal is even more important. All of the best 3D printers have advanced features that make your life easier, so if you can snag one for under the normal price, you can get ahead of the game. 

I’ve put together this list of deals from across the internet to save you from wandering around. CNET’s team will keep it updated as new deals come in, and the old ones go away. While there are several companies that sell 3D printers, only Amazon regularly has sales. You might see other companies come up from time to time, but this list will be predominantly Amazon.

Some of the best deals use coupons, so keep an eye out and make sure to check the box when you reach the product page to claim your full discount.


We reviewed the full-size Adventurer 4 earlier this year and really enjoyed it. The Adventurer 4 Lite is slightly smaller than the standard one, but has all the same helpful features like swappable nozzles, a print resume feature if you have a power cut, and a leveling system that produces excellent results.

It also has software that will let you manage multiple printers at once, so if you’re a teacher looking to bring 3D printing to your students, this is a fantastic way to do that.


The Saturn S is an excellent upgrade to Elegoo’s OG midsize resin printer. The 4K screen is excellent and the print quality is fantastic for a larger resin printer. The Saturn S has the size advantage over printers like the Mono 4K as its build area is almost twice as big. It’s perfect for making intricate pieces for cosplay, or models for your home.


Printing giant prints is the most fun you can have with a 3D printer. I recently reviewed the Kobra Max and gave it a solid 9 out of 10 — one of the highest scores we’ve ever given a device at CNET — and with a massive $120 off the normal price it’s an absolute bargain.

If you’re looking to print cosplay helmets or armor, this is the choice for you.


The Photon 4K is being replaced with the new M3 series, but it could still be worth your time. With a 4K monochrome screen, the printer is very fast without sacrificing any detail. In fact, the details on this machine are superb, especially on small models like miniatures.

At $192 the Photon 4K offers an amazing entry into resin 3D printing, even if Anycubic is selling off the stock.


The Snapmaker 2 is more than just a 3D printer; it’s a CNC mill and laser-etching machine as well. It’s like having your own little maker space. This is one of the lowest prices the F350 — the biggest of the Snapmaker models — has ever been at, making this the perfect time to snap it up.


I normally don’t recommend 3D printers without heated beds, but this teeny little printer is such a fun little thing it’s hard to resist. At just $135 with Prime, as 3D printers go this is an impulse buy that you can get for your child, as a Father’s Day gift or even for your teacher at school. Get one — heck, get two, just for the laughs.

Materials and accessories

It’s not just the 3D printers themselves that are on sale. It’s often the accessories and materials too. While the savings aren’t as drastic — $5 to $10 savings, maybe — these add up over time when you have to buy a lot of materials for your projects.


Resin 3D printing can be messy and inconvenient if you don’t have the right tools. This wash-and-cure bundle lets you clean your resin prints and cure them in the special UV chamber. I like the Mercury over other wash/cure stations because of the separate stations that let you wash one model and cure another, saving you precious time.


Having a giant stockpile of filament is every 3D printing hobbyist’s dream. It’s the worst feeling to run out in the middle of a project, so anytime you can save some money is a good day.

Overture Matte Black PLA is a favorite of mine as it prints really smoothly but doesn’t shine after printing. It stays matte, which reduces the visibility of layer lines. I find it also paints better than the glossier materials.

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