The refreshed second-gen AirPods Pro, which Apple unveiled at its “Far Out” event, just started shipping on Sept. 23. While you may have anticipated a lengthy wait for the first AirPods Pro 2 deals to appear, you can actually save on a pair at Amazon right now. You can snag a set for $240, $9 off their retail price. This is a deal that Amazon had ahead of the official release as well. 

The 2022 AirPods Pro offer better noise cancellation, an adaptive transparency mode, a longer battery life and even a speaker in the charging case, which works with Apple’s Find My app. There’s also a new personalized spatial audio feature along with swipe gestures for controlling playback. 

Other neat additions over the 2019 AirPods Pro include a loop for attaching a lanyard to the case as well as the ability to charge the AirPods Pro 2 using an Apple Watch cable (as well as via Lightning or MagSafe), reducing the number of cables you need to pack when traveling. CNET’s David Carnoy posted his official review of the AirPods 2 Pro and was impressed with how much Apple was able to improve the noise cancellation, sound quality and battery life of these popular headphones.

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