If you think your wallet options are limited to deciding between a bifold and trifold, it’s time to think again. There are tons of sleek and modern minimalist wallets out there, and right now you can pick up one of our favorites, plus tons of other stylish everyday accessories, at a discount. Amazon is currently offering 20% off sleek Ridge accessories, including its top-rated slim wallet, key organizer and durable Commuter backpack. There’s no set expiration for these deals, so we’d recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later if you don’t want to miss out on these savings. 

The Ridge minimalist slim wallet is our favorite rugged pick for 2023. It has a durable aluminum frame, which also blocks any RFID chip readers, and can hold up to 12 cards at a time. It’s available with either an integrated money clip or cash strap, and there are tons of different colors and styles to choose from. Prices range from $76 to $125, with nearly all variants discounted by 20%.

If you’re happy with your old-school wallet, there are some other minimalist accessories you can pick up on sale right now. This compact key organizer can hold up to six keys at a time and prevents them from getting caught or tangled in your pocket. It’s available in a few different colors and styles, and you can pick it up for $60 right now, which saves you $15 compared with the usual price. 

And while it’s still a little pricey at $140, $35 off the usual price, the Ridge Commuter backpack is a nice piece of gear for both urban and outdoor use. It’s weatherproof to keep your valuables dry, has a hidden RFID-blocking pocket and a shock-resistant sleeve specifically for your laptop.

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