Love them, so hope in the cold winter can give them warm!

Heated cat house pad for outdoor cats in winter,Heated dog houses mat for outdoor dogs in cold day!

Many dog houses don’t have heating, which means that pets need warm blankets to keep them warm on winter nights,what can we do for our friends in every cold night?

Heating Pad for Pets is a good choice for your dogs cats rabbits,Pet heated mat provides a warm and soothing place for your pet to sit or sleep when uncomfortably chilly days or cold nights. Heated dog beds for large dogs providing warm to your pet at cold day, it’s also can be use for unwell pets, little puppies pup kitty kitties, elderly pets or pets recuperating after injury.

The heating mats for pet is easy to clean. XXL Dog Heated Pad for Large Dog Bed is a good companion for your dogs! The small Heated mat is suit for small animals such as cat, rabbit, etc.

The Indoor Electric Heated Pet Mat is better use for your dog beds or cat beds.The heated outside dog bed has overheating protection function, it will be turned off automatically avoid overheating to protect your pets, l Indoor use only, you can also put it on the outdoor dog or cat house (“igloo” style dog house&exterior dog house,If there’s a socket inside.),or anywhere in the home to provide extra warmth.This dirt-proof dog house heated pad is big enough for you to put several small pets on the heated dog mat.

If you feel not warm on high setting for the Animal Warm Mat , please cover little blanket (not heavy) or thin towel (not heavy) on dogs heated pad when it works. The dog heating pad should be on top of your pet bed

  1. Please do not fold the heating pad when you use.
  2. It is waterproof,but please do not immerse the heating mat in water.
  3. Clean with a damp cloth. Do not plug in until the pad is completely dry.
  4. Please choose the low setting when whole night use.
  5. If you feel not warm on high setting ,you can just place little blanket or towel(not heavy) on the front side of the pad.
  6. Although there is anti-bite design,please Keep the big pet away from chewing the cord.

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