Guardline is the #1 Most RELIABLE Outdoor Motion Sensor in America

The Guardline wireless driveway alarm alerts you the moment the outdoor sensor detects motion from people, vehicles or large animals.

✔ Plug-and-play device, installs in minutes. Intuitive and easy to read instruction manual.

✔ Set includes one sensor/one receiver. Expandable up to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers for complete coverage of your property.

✔ Detects motion in up to 4 different zones, and up to 4 sensors per zone.

✔ Sensor runs on (4) AA batteries for up to one year. Low battery indicator included.

✔ Receiver can be plugged in using included AC adaptor. Can also run on (4) AAA batteries as backup in case of power outage.

✔ Sensor can detect motion up to 40 ft away.

✔ Receiver includes a 12-volt relay to add wired external alarms, chimes or bells.

✔ Over 250,000+ customers since 2001.

✔ Two decades of rigorous real-world testing.

✔ Match different chimes with different sensors around your property to differentiate where motion is being detected.

✔ LOUD & adjustable volume.


> Delivery truck arrives > Neighbor walks up > Intruder approaches > Teenager comes home

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