Not everyone is working with a Tiffany’s budget for Valentine’s Day. Even if you are, there’s no need to drop all that dough just to make Feb. 14 an extra special day. As a bonafide lover of all things edible, I’m always happy to receive something I can nibble on, sip or cook with versus more junk that’ll just take up space (in case anyone I know is listening). 

If you’re scanning for tasty food or drink gifts this Valentine’s Day, you’ve made a wise choice, and you certainly don’t need to spend a ton of money to do it right. There are mountains of delicious gifts that work with any budget, and we’ve assembled a few of our favorites. 

From rose-shaped wine and sassy conversation candy to addicting condiments and truffles so good you might go faint, these are the best Valentine’s Day food gifts under $25. 


Sugarfina has the market nearly cornered when it comes to adorable sweets. As a bonus, they all taste great and the confectioner features some unusual flavors. For Valentine’s Day, nab a box of these charming Champagne-flavored gummies. The price might seem steep for candy but that’s because they’re made with actual Dom Perignon Champagne, flavored with Brut and Rosé

If bears are too scary, there are also Sugarfina Lips, and Rosé Roses to consider.

La Maison Du Chocolat

Chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking, I know. But if you’re going to give it, give the good stuff. I’m partial to creamy truffles and La Maison Du Chocolat takes the craft very seriously. These handmade truffles aren’t overly sweet, which I prefer but dense with rich chocolate flavor. A two-pack is $10 or you can spring for a 13-piece box for $45.

Oaktown Spice Shop

Ditch the packet of Ortega taco seasoning and use Oaktown’s freakin’ delicious Mexican-inspired spices instead. This two-pack includes a bottle of Chili Limón and Rojito Yucatán, which combines annatto seed, citrus, onion, garlic and clove.


If normal convo hearts candy seems a little tame and a tad boring, try a box of the adult version to get some giggles — and maybe more.

I’m far too dignified to list these saucy saying out loud, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t just order a few boxes. 

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This spicy, citrusy salt is excellent around the rim of a margarita but it’ll liven up chicken and fish, too. Pair it with a special bottle of tequila and offer to mix your Valentine the classic cocktail. 

Cotes de Roses

Rosé is already an easy Valentine’s Day win, but this Cote des Roses with a rose-shaped bottle bottom takes things a step further. The wine itself is from Languedoc in the South of France with “notes of raspberry and peony.” Best of all, the bottle takes on the appearance of a rose. Sneak one upside down nestled into a dozen roses for a most-charming presentation.


Can you spot the wine bottles in this bouquet?

Cotes de Roses


This salty-sweet treat also happens to be a cheeky way to let them know you think they’re the best. They can drizzle this honey on everything from fried chicken to cake, but if they’re more of a spicy little number, there’s also a Bees Knees hot honey with habanero peppers.

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Smart gardens may get faster results, but in terms of style, they don’t have anything on this small Japanese indoor planter. Grow fresh mint, basil or sage on the kitchen windowsill and never go without.


If your Valentine likes the occasional steak or burger but hasn’t tapped into the wonder of cast iron yet, this is a perfect chance to alter the course of their cooking forever. Cast iron is the optimal indoor cooking material for most meats, as it gets screaming hot and holds heat for magazine-cover-worthy sear marks.

Fly by Jing

This isn’t the first time I’ve sung the praises of mighty chili crisp, and it shan’t be the last. It is hard to keep this jar of slightly spicy, slightly sweet, slightly toasty condiment around for long so you might want to bag a few while you’re at it.


For the tea lover in your life who also appreciates minimalism, this ceramic cup comes with a lid and single-serving metal infuser insert, so they can brew in the same mug they drink from. It’s available in several solid colors as well as patterns, to suit anybody’s style. And the double-walled design keeps their tea hot and their hands comfortably warm (not scalded).

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For tastes that skew savory, a set of nice cheese knives is a winning gift, especially if you include a wedge or two of decent fromage and a bottle of wine (which you might just be able to manage at this price). These modern slicers and servers come in a fancy gold or matte black finish.

Uncommon Goods

This set of boutique lollipops (flavors include lavender lemongrass, vanilla hibiscus, Champagne and roses and strawberry basil) is already sweet enough, but don’t toss those sticks in the trash. Pot them in soil and they’ll sprout into various plants, from herbs to baby blue eyes blooms. Does this count as buying flowers?


Does it seem a little cheesy to give someone pizza socks for Valentine’s Day? We think not, especially for someone with a healthy sense of humor — and love of pepperoni, of course. (A whole pizza made of socks is even more incredible, but $1 over the $25 limit.) You can also get sushi socks, if that doesn’t seem too… fishy.

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Uncommon Goods

This punny line of date-sweetened spreads is perfect for sweethearts with a healthy bent. Free of refined sugar and oils, these vegan dessert spreads are paleo-friendly, and perfect for slathering on toast or whatever else you like. They’re sold separately in chocolate, vanilla, cookie, cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavors and are also available on Amazon.

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